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A new energy saving hull architecture with high hydrodynamic efficiency, as scientifically tested by skilled Institutes such as:

- I.N.S.E.A.N. C.N.R. National Research Council - Italian Ship Model Basin - Institute of the Towing Tank of Rome,  

- Navy Department of UNITS - University of Trieste,

- University of Stockholm (Sweden) - KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 


Italian and international patent, able to obtain a reduction in hydrodynamic resistance  and to optimize hull performances, with the following results:

·                    Higher speeds than of displacement hulls

​​·                    Power and construction and operating cost less than a planing hull

·                    Greater comfort in navigation of a planning hull


Characteristics of this Monotricat hull:

·                    Low wake at all speeds

·                    Kinetic energy from bow wave drives turbulent flow, reducing friction of aftship

·                    Variable pressure under hull  "mono-stab" effect

·                    Improved efficiency of propellers due to clean and accelerated flow under aftship

·                    Bow creates similar effect on sea-keeping like the complex wave-piercing bow   

                   comfort in navigation, even in adverse sea and weather conditions

·                    Unlike conventional hulls high propulsion efficiency can even be obtained with a

                   L/B from 3 to 3,6 →  high transverse stability and generous under/deck space. 

The MONOTRICAT Hull has been presented in:

VI Conference SEAMED 2014 University of Messina

18° NAV 2015 International Conference on Ships and Shipping Research, Campus Lecco Politecnico Milano

14° SEATEC 2016 Rassegna Internazionale, Carrara

HIPER 2016 - 10th Symposium on High-Performance Marine Vehicles “Technologies for the Ship of the Future”, Cortona, Italy, 17-19 October 2016

Award "Best Practices for Innovation - Economy of the Sea" 2019

BluAct Confindustria Salerno

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